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Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday decorations

Christmas seems less commercial in Paris than in most American cities. And you don't even hear much Christmas music on the radio or in the stores.

Nevertheless, I thought you might like to see the holiday decorations in my neighborhood. Here's the view looking "down" la rue Saint Charles.

And looking "up" the rue Saint Charles.

Yes! I can see the Eiffel Tower from the front door of my apartment building. Unfortunately my large windows face west rather than northeast, so I can't see the tower without going outside . . .

Here are the decorations in the lobby of my apartment building.

I'll be staying in Paris for Christmas. I'll be spending Christmas eve with my landlord/neighbors René & Sophie and their daughter Nathalie. Not sure yet about Christmas day.

Although I'll be meeting someone new this afternoon. We "met" through eDarling on December 4th and have exchanged over 40 emails since then - but we haven't yet met face to face. And not a single phone call. However, I like his photos and I really like the way he writes. I wonder what he'll be like . . .

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  1. i love your photos of our street and building! could you email them to me? i didn't think to take pictures of them but i would love to keep these memories. ;)