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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visit with Inger Sannes

We meet Dee's friend Inger in the town of Pietrasanta where Inger has her studio. We start with lunch, sitting outdoors at the tiny Trattoria Filippo. We don't chose from a menu, we've entrusted Filippo with all decisions regarding food and wine.

Inger begins telling the story of how she came to be here - how she left a career in Stockholm as a management consultant at IBM and followed her heart and hands as her intuition guided her to a career sculpting in marble in Italy. She moved here nine years ago - at the age of 49 - with the unconditional support of her pediatrician husband and her three grown children.

Following a delicious lunch, Inger takes us to the studio where she shares facilities with several other sculptors. Along the way she has described the learning process that she has undergone, and shows us plaster models of earlier work.

Later, she dons protective gear as she demonstrates the process as she continues the work on a current project:

The work is extremely demanding physically, working in the heat, holding the heavy, noisy drill bit, marble shards flying. Inger tells us that she didn't want to wait for retirement to pursue sculpting as a "hobby" - she wouldn't have the physical strength required.

We leave Inger to her work, completely in awe of her commitment and her success. You can learn more about her work here.

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