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Monday, September 20, 2010

Chartres Festival of Light

I'm back in Paris and staying in Passage d'Enfer again. I solved the plumbing problem by finding a plumber just down the street who was able to come over and unplug the drains. Whew. Now maybe I can get caught up on my blog posts. I have many more stories and photos for you. After all, I never finished telling you about my trip to Italy and Germany.

Just to conclude the Chartres weekend, here are a couple more pics. I was intrigued when I happened upon this scene - people seemed to be playing in the snow:

I went back to the same place the following morning:

And the next evening before people started "playing" again.

The party is over. Time to clean up for the last time.

The grand finale of the light show was Saturday night. The live entertainment consisted of more aerial dancers suspended from a giant crane over the town square. Not quite as dramatic as dancing on the cathedral face, but captivating nonetheless.

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