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Friday, February 19, 2016

New Zealand

Today is the 8th anniversary of a major turning point in my life. On February 19th, 2008 my plane touched down at Queenstown, New Zealand. I was accompanied by nine other women from my hometown in Boulder. We had signed up for a "LifeCraft Journey for midlife women" which was designed to help us find answers to two fundamental questions: "What do I really want?" and "How do I create it?"

The trip came during an unhappy period of my life when I knew I needed to make changes and possibly end my marriage, but didn't have the guts to do it. During this journey of discovery I was surrounded by an amazing group of women who provided a nonjudgmental sounding board as I poured out my feelings and explored my options. This trip, and the love and coaching by Carol, Nancy, Colleen, Robin, Ginny, Jackie, Terry, Barb and Laura helped me find the clarity I needed to define what I really wanted, and to make some difficult decisions. And then they supported me as I created a new life.

Thank you for being there! I'll be drinking a toast to all of you this evening!

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