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Sunday, October 13, 2013

La Tour Paris 13

"La Tour Paris 13" is the name given to a massive street art project in Paris' 13th arrondissement.
The building above was destined for destruction when it was spotted by Mehdi Ben Cheikh, director of the Galerie Itinerrance which specializes in street art. He approached the Mayor of the 13th arrondissement, as well as the owners of the building, to get approval to transform the building inside and out into a canvas for 100 artists from 16 countries. The artists spent the last seven months painting 36 apartments in the building. It was opened to the public on October 1st and will be available for viewing only until the end of October. The building will be destroyed after that.

I tried to visit the building last week, but the lines were long and I didn't feel like waiting for several hours for the privilege. However, you can read more and take a virtual visit here or here.

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