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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sofa delivery day

Our old sofa was over 20 years old. We ordered a new leather sofa in June hoping that it would arrive in time for our friends Phyllis and Cathy who occupied our apartment while we were in Denver. Alas, it did not arrive in time for their visit; it was finally delivered today. And since we live on the second floor with no elevator (and narrow doorways) we decided to take delivery via the window. This is common practice in Paris where almost everyone lives in apartments, often with lots of stairs or miniscule elevators. I wrote about this phenomen before.

And here's what the process looked like today:

 And the happy results...
Oh yeah, it reclines. :-)


  1. Chouette, alors! You two look so sweet (and comfortable) on your new sofa! Congratulations and enjoy...

  2. je veux le meme en rouge !!! avec un angle
    ha oui ça sera pas le meme alors ???
    happy for you

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