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Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14th

Today is the two-month anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and I feel great. I've had surgery, numerous follow-up visits with doctors, and some physical therapy. My treatment is finished (for now) and I'm free to return to my home in Paris. I can hardly wait. I miss Patrice and our life together.

It hasn't been all bad, though. My extended stay in Colorado has allowed me to spend extra time with my mother, sister, brothers, and extended family. Both of my sons have also traveled from their far-away homes - just to be with me. What a blessing.

I've reconnected with close friends who have supported me for the last 5 years during which I made profound changes in my life. Thank you for that.

This separation has been difficult for Patrice. He does not like me to be so far away. And yet, he has discovered some reserves within himself and has made a point of keeping busy. He has visited his own family and has even made some new friends.

I'm now ready to go back. I leave Denver on January 23rd. I've had lots of time to reflect on my life and I realize that although I grew up in Colorado, my life is no longer here.

I'm going home - to Paris and to Patrice.


  1. I'm waiting for you impatiently

  2. whaouuuuuuuuu quelle belle declaration d amour et pour Paris et pour Pa,
    vivement ton retour chez toi
    Muxu belle maman

  3. Thinking of you as you head back home to Paris and Patrice and good health! Brava! Bon voyage, dear Elaine