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Monday, October 22, 2012


Patrice is passionate about driving. Anything that makes noise, smells bad, and pollutes;-) Two, three or four wheels. He loves to drive my Toyota Highlander 4wd off-road - the scarier the better. I don't always share this enthusiasm, and am often much happier on foot. Nevertheless, I suppose it's good to try new things, and to push the limits of my personal comfort zone. 

Yesterday, we were invited by my friends Tracy, and her husband Eric, to join them on a ride on their motorcycles with sidecars. I was a little apprehensive at first, not being a big fan of motorcycles, but the late-autumn sunny skies and warm temperature called for an outing.

Helmets are optional in Colorado, and I was comforted by the loan of Eric's firefighter helmet. At least it helped keep my head warm.

A motorcycle with sidecar is tricky to drive - the weight balance and handling on turns is completely different than a motorcycle alone. But Patrice was a natural. He drove the Honda Goldwing with me in the sidecar as if he's been driving one all his life.

Eric drove their red Harley Davidson with Tracy in the side.

The unique cycles always attract a lot of attention, and Eric loves to let kids (and grownups too) climb all over them.
Tourists from Texas 
Our ride took us through the canyons west of Boulder and finally to Estes Park where elk can be seen wandering through town.
Here's what this elk looked like from the sidecar!
But this gorgeous day wasn't about the ride, or me overcoming my fears (it really wasn't scary at all). The day was spent in awe and admiration of Eric. He is battling cancer but you wouldn't have known it from his energy and his smile.

Thank you, Eric and Tracy, for a wonderful day.


  1. Another awe-inspiring picture story! Love it!

  2. alors là !!! On est supra jaloux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mais heu la chance heu ...
    bises quand meme ... bien que