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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living in other people's houses

Sleeping in strange beds, getting used to a firm pillow. How does the shower work? Is there salt in the kitchen cupboard? Where are the light switches? And do we have an internet connection?

I'm learning my way around this house - the fourth one we've stayed in since our arrival in Colorado. It's cheaper this way, staying with friends and family and finding the occasional dog-sitting gig, but sometimes I weary of the constant upheaval, living out of suitcases, never fully unpacked, never fully at home.

But I'm the perfect housesitter or tenant. I'm respectful of personal property and always put things back in their proper places. I water plants, feed the fish, and walk the dogs.

We are now staying in Boulder where we are temporary guardians of two lovely dogs, Magic, a German shorthaired pointer, and Silver, a Weimaraner. They are in good shape, have a lot of energy, and love to run. They are well-trained and come when called - so they have been awarded the coveted green Voice and Sight Tags by the city of Boulder. This allows their guardians (they are not called dog owners in Boulder) the right to walk their dogs off-leash.

Magic and Silver also have a special dietary regimen. It took me a little while to learn their routines, as each dog has a completely different menu.

Silver's rice and chicken with vitamin powder
Antibiotics and digestive enzymes
Silver and Magic waiting for dinner

Do you need a house sitter? We come with excellent references. Just ask Magic and Silver.

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  1. Awww! Now Clover, as well as I, wish you were here!