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Sunday, July 22, 2012

La Rhune

One of the main tourist attractions in the Basque country is the Rhune, a Basque sacred mountain that rises 3000 feet above the surrounding countryside and gives a 360 degree view of the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic coast from Biarritz all the way south to San Sebastian. We took the Petit Train - a cog railway - to the top.

The climb to the top of the mountain is steep - as much as 25% grade in some sections.
The mountain is inhabited by pottok a semi-feral breed of pony native to the Pyrenees of the Basque country. We also saw some impressive birds of prey but they are much harder to photograph.
 Time to say goodbye to the Pyrenees and the ocean - it's time to return to the city. Sigh.

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