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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sens Cathedral

We took a short trip last week to visit the graves of Patrice's parents. On the way back we stopped in the town of Sens. We were hoping for good photographs of the cathedral which is one of the first examples of the flamboyant gothic style. However, the main facade was undergoing restoration and was covered with scaffolding - all except the tower. I thought it curious to see a French flag flying on top of a cathedral, but Patrice reminded me that all churches in France belong to the government due to a law passed in 1905 that (ironically) confirms the separation of church and state.
Gothic churches of this era have lots of gargoyles, but I didn't expect this when I zoomed in with the telephoto lens
Once inside the church, the images were much more pleasing and the stained glass windows were exceptionally beautiful.

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