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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Best Places to Kiss

"Here, I brought this for you," my friend Min said as she handed me the book.

"For me? How did you know?" I blushed.

"I've been reading your blog," she replied.

I haven't been writing very much lately - as you've probably noticed. I also didn't realize how many people were reading between the lines of my non-posts. I've been too busy to write since I returned to Paris.

Is the book for me? Or should I give it to my son Philippe and his wife Rachel? They are here in Paris having a second honeymoon and celebrating Philippe's graduation, new job, and impending move to Portland, Oregon.

Or should I keep the book for myself? I've been discovering another side of Paris with Patrice. I am no longer the solo traveler. I've decided to put on my helmet, confront my fears, and hang on for the ride.


  1. Me and Mama think you look adorable! Our best wishes for your happiness.....enjoy. Love, Jan (yer sis) and Mom.